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The loud noises would be asking President Trump to take them home with him.

How did this pussy cat get elected? Just because someone makes noise – he runs into his shell? The reason the Brits can’t respond because they have them under this shade tree of silence or they put you in jail.

Remember just recently they wouldn’t allow someone to enter the U.K . because they MIGHT say something that didn’t agree with Khan.

You couldn’t pay me to go to London as long as this anti-person is mayor – been there and done that. Visited once and then four more times to use as a route to other places.


Fellowship of the Minds

sadiq khan and trump

I doubt President Trump is worried about this.

Khan is the one who should be worried Trump is going to call out the mayor’s own lack of “good leadership” regarding the rise in knife attacks in his city.

From MSN: Donald Trump should expect loud and peaceful protests if he visits the UK later this year, the London mayor has said. 

Sadiq Khan, who has frequently clashed with the US president since they were elected to office nearly two years ago, made the comments during a St. George’s event in London on Saturday. The former Labour MP added that the capital respects, embraces and celebrates diversity.

His comments come following reports that Trump is planning to visit the UK in the summer.

“I hope if he does come, he reflects on the difference good leadership can make,” Khan told the Press Association.

“We have got a great history in our…

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