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Former FBI Director Comey committed treason with the Obama Administration and has to be brought to justice according to the laws of the Constitution – Obama and his gang violated all of the laws by trying to bring down a duly elected President. If this doesn’t happen, our country will not survive. We must put pressure on the AG and DOJ to make this happen. If AG Sessions and the FBI Wray can’t do their job – they must resign. Mueller, must resign – because he was brought to his job by Comey with a fake dossier, a fake Rosenstein and therefore Mueller’s job is a fake. It is time to call it what it was – a Comey set-up.


Reclaim Our Republic

Andrew McCabe Lied. So Will the FBI Apply the Same Rules Against Him That It Applies to All of Us?

April 16, 2018  by Hans von Spakovsky

It’s official: Andrew McCabe lied.

The new report from the Justice Department inspector general concludes that McCabe, the former FBI deputy director, lied to then-FBI Director James Comey, to other FBI agents, and to officials of the Office of the Inspector General. Some of those lies came when McCabe was under oath.

What did he lie about? Unauthorized disclosures about the FBI’s investigation into the Clinton Foundation. The information was leaked to a reporter for The Wall Street Journal.

The inspector general has completed his work. The question now is, will the Justice Department prosecute McCabe? Or, put another way: Will the FBI and the Justice Department follow the same rules they apply to members of the public who lie to a…

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