KOMMONSENTSJANE – Federal Judges in USA and Black-Robed Counterrevolution – Judge Against HHS and For Abortion. Reclaim Our Republic.

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A judge’s sworn duty is to protect the laws of the country and the Constitution – not make up their own laws. That is what is happening in our country with Obama’s appointed judges. When that happens – we must fight to remove them from the bench.


Reclaim Our Republic


gorsuch filibuster

Federal judges sit on the bench for life and can either uphold the law or rule like tyrants. This puts judicial appointments right near the top of the most important things a president can do.

The newest Supreme Court justice, Neil Gorsuch, has already shown what a difference a constitutionalist can make. But we need many more to counter the hundreds of Clinton, Obama and Jimmy Carter-appointed judges who issue zany rulings that override common sense and thwart democratically enacted popular will.

A case in point is U.S. District Judge Carlton Reeves, a 2010 Obama appointee. In March, he issued a temporary restraining order to keep Mississippi’s new, 15-week abortion ban from taking effect.

Judge Reeves buys into the “viability” definition of human life beginning at 23 weeks. By contrast, science has confirmed that from the moment…

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