Comey shifts from station to station. Last night it was Colbert’s station. As we all know – Comey sold his soul to Obama/Hillary Clinton and therefore he is a man without a rudder. His statement on Colbert’s program was, “Trump was like a bad break up – he can’t get over.” From what I see is – it is Comey who is like a ship who has lost its rudder and doesn’t have a home port.

Everyone has a story, and everyone who is fired has a story. If you ask the person fired, he has his version, and if you ask the employer, he’ll tell you his. And, no two stories are the same. With every story comes mini stories, which are stories about things happening while they were working.

Some stories are really, really sad, some are confusing, some outrageous, some infuriating, and some horrifically shocking. But, I have found this story about Comey shocking in that he betrayed the country and the people he swore to protect by giving his loyalty to Obama/Hillary Clinton.

Imagine having an employee of the country like James Comey for years with whom people trusted. How would you feel if they suddenly turned on the country, and you discovered they had been deceiving you the whole time? You would feel betrayed! Betrayal is the most notable theme in government these days with the Obama/Hillary Clinton’s Democratic Party. The top layer of the FBI and the DOJ were in cahoots with Obama, Comey,and Hillary Clinton to over take the government since Hillary lost the election – by double crossing President Trump so they could impeach him.

Can you imagine these people thinking they would be able to pull this off and that is the crux of Comey’s problem – he is now a man without a country – he is outside the government looking in and it is not a pretty picture. He has no power – just his words – which don’t amount to a “hill of beans.”

Stories are being revealed that lower levels of the FBI called Comey “A BAD A$$.”

Comey needs to find a new line of work – which will be hard to do since “he is not a man to be trusted.”


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