Paul Ryan Releases Comey Statement. They said Ryan was good with numbers but not leadership. If that is true, he sure let Obama rack up those budget numbers and never opened his mouth.

There is no greater indicator that Paul Ryan is already detaching himself from the GOP under President Trump than his unwillingness to continue toeing the party line. It’s kinda hard to fight the Democrats when Ryan’s wife is a Democrat lobbyist and voted for Hillary Clinton – I would bet ten dollars that Paul Ryan voted for her also.

In attacks that make sense, Comey is being targeted ahead of the release of his book, A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies, and Leadership, as well as the interviews Comey will sit for ahead of his book tour.

The higher loyalty that Comey is referring to is his loyalty to Obama and Obama/Hillary and the Democrat lies and no leadership. That tells their story in a nutshell without any ambiance.

Current outgoing Speaker of the House Paul Ryan sat for his own Sunday interview with NBC’s Meet the Press with Chuck Todd and was asked for his opinion of James Comey. While Ryan said that he hadn’t had a significant number of personal interactions with the former FBI director, he did say that Comey is a “man of integrity,” or at least as far as he knows.

(That statement, alone, tells you all you need to know about Ryan.)

While Ryan was quick to cover his statement by saying he’s had limited interactions with Comey, he certainly has to be familiar with Comey’s work during Ryan’s time as a Congressman and Speaker. Saying that Comey is “a man of integrity” flies directly in the face of his own party’s efforts to paint the man as a criminal who should be arrested and convicted of crimes for speaking out against Trump and refusing to clear the president of allegations of obstruction of justice. The GOP, after all, created an entire website named “Lyin’ Comey.” Now we should have one called, Lying Ryan – the falling star.

Ryan announced that he would be stepping down as Speaker in January of 2019 as he does not intend to run to defend his Congressional seat in 2018. The man who was once a rising star in the GOP, even rising so far as to hold the vice presidential nomination under Mitt Romney just six years ago, is packing it in. While he cited the need to spend more time with his family as the reason for his decision, it is not common for a well-known 48-year-old Congressman who has risen as high as Ryan has at such a young age to retire.

Sure all of that is true if you believe it.

The party has had trouble with Ryan because he is not a Republican but a RINO and did not cheer on the President; and, in fact, worked against the President. Ryan worked with Obama during his time in office and gave him a blank check on spending – with the debt doubling during that time. Ryan was scared out of his wits and would not cross this black man because he thought he would be called a racist. What a weasel Ryan is and a disgrace. Now that he has his pockets full – he can retire.

What they need to do is to audit all of these congressmen who are jumping ship and see how much money they have against what they made while in office and how much they are stealing.


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