In times of panic – man seems to exchange his soul for a tail.

Democrat Mark Warner (D) VA – on Fox’s Cavato show bad mouthing our President. He was complaining about Trump’s cabinet spending too much money. How can he begin to bad mouth anyone in Trump’s cabinet after what Obama, himself, threw away. It would take ten years for the Republicans to waste money just to catch up with Obama’s Solyndra boondoggle.

Mark Warner is just another Democrat who could give a rat’s a$$ about the taxpayer’s money as long it’s the Democrats who are burning it up. Warner and Obama doubled the debit during Obama’s eight years and I didn’t hear Warner beating his gums about that.

Warner is just another Democrat swamp rat. It must have been his day on the tube to bad mouth the President. They have a calendar and schedule these rates to throw their spears at the President every day.

Warner stated that he could not use the President as a role model for his children. There is also another side to that tale – neither will Warner when Obama’s tail which is in the crack of woes are released.


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