KOMMONSENTSJANE – Franklin Graham: We Need to Support Our President and Pray for Him. Reclaim Our Republic.

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Shame on those who continue to work against President Trump to keep our country safe and also continue helping other defenseless countries who do not have the leaders who want their countries to have the freedom their people deserve.

May God continue to help direct President Trump in his decisions and work against those who are trying to destroy the world.

For eight years, Obama worked by pretending to be a Christian to strip our country of its Freedom of Religion and inject Islam. He committed crimes against our country which have to be rectified. His Democratic Party have to be brought to justice so that the laws of this country are upheld. We have to uphold the Constitution whereby Obama made a mockery of our laws and made our country a lawless country and his party is trying to over through President Trump.


Reclaim Our Republic

After airstrikes against Syria, Trump ‘wants God’s help not only in the presidency, but as he deals with problems’ around the world, says faith leader

15 April 2018  by FaithZette Staff 

On Sunday morning, less than 48 hours after President Donald Trump notified the nation that the U.S. and two of its allies had  engaged in strategic airstrikes against Syria because of its recent chemical weapons attacks against its own people, faith leader Rev. Franklin Graham articulated his support for the sitting president — and the need for prayer for Trump’s and the nation’s success.

“I appreciate that we have a president that understands prayer and solicits prayer,”  he told “Fox & Friends” on Fox News in an interview on Sunday. “Our country is in trouble, and the world is in trouble. The perplexity of the problems that the president faces every day … is just incredible. And…

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