1.) Comey And Mueller Botched The Anthrax Investigation
04/13/2018 Source: TTN by: TTN Staff


After September 11th, the old friends botched the investigation of the 2001 anthrax letter attacks that took five lives and infected 17 other people, shut down the U.S. Capitol and Washington’s mail system and made the FBI look incompetent. They ruined the life of one suspect who turned out to be the wrong man, and the real culprit was not found until much later.

2.) He Illegally Spied On Americans


For all of his moralizing about not trusting authority, Comey had no problem letting the FBI data mine innocent Americans, whose information is retained by the government for decades. Yet he made a name for himself by aligning himself with Sen. Schumer(D-N.Y.) during the Bush years, making himself known as an opponent of a controversial surveillance program.

3.) Dylann Roof


After Dylann Roof killed nine black South Carolina churchgoers, James Comey admitted that an error in their background check system allowed Roof to legally buy his gun. “We are all sick this happened,” Comey said, making the most pathetic understatement of the century.

4.) Dirty Hillary Clinton


Comey’s FBI cut a deal with Hillary’s aides in which aides were given
immunity and allowed to destroy their laptops. Then he gave a bizarre news conference in which he said, “although there is evidence of potential violations of the statutes regarding the handling of classified information, our judgment is that no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case.”

5.) Comey Partnered With Schumer To Launch His Career


Comey, being attuned to the news environment against Bush-era surveillance programs, partnered with a Chuck Schumer staffer to spin a dramatic tale about how a sick Attorney General Ashcroft gave him authority to kill a controversial surveillance program. Comey was acting Attorney General while Ashcroft was hospitalized, and failed to notify the Bush White House with more than a fax. Former Bush A.G. Gonzales described the stunt his book but had low regard for Comey’s character after the showboating stunt.


This gives you the Comey show boat and how he frames his work.


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