Why Are Democrats So Anxious to Destroy America?


April 10, 2018
by American News Update

Have you ever asked yourself why Democrats seem so anxious and determined to destroy America?

Over the past 9 years, especially, they have attacked everything good about America and everything that made America the once powerful and prosperous nation it used to be.

They have been attacking or challenging parts of the US Constitution, 1 st , 2 nd , 4 th and 10 th Amendments. They have attacked marriage, family structure and parental authority. They have attacked free enterprise, capitalism and patriotism and they have been attacking every attempt to secure and protect America and the American people.

How many times have America’s Democrats pointed to what is happening in Europe, especially Great Britain, to support their agenda items. They did that with Obamacare, pointing to Great Britain’s National Healthcare System (NHS), but they didn’t mention the many problems Great Britain was having with their system.

A few years ago, when millions of refugees left war torn Syria and the surrounding areas and the flooded to Europe, the Obama administration kept pointing to those European countries to justify their wanting to bring tens of thousands of the refugees here to the US and settle them in our communities.

The European Union actually set quotas on the minimum number of refugees that member nations HAD to take in and Obama also pointed to that in trying to justify bringing them here.

What Obama and his fellow Democrats intentionally told the American people was the national healthcare systems in Great Britain and Canada have been plagued with a number of serious problems, most of which have been economic. Close friends who live in Great Britain shared how their coverage keeps being reduced while their healthcare tax keeps being increased. One friend was diagnosed with a serious gall bladder issue and needed her gall bladder removed. It took their
wonderful healthcare system 7 months before she finally had the surgery. If you have ever had gall bladder problems, they will tell you that the pains you get, often after every meal, can be very severe and many people mistake gall bladder pain for a heart attack because of the intensity of the pain.

Friends in Canada also report that their coverage has been reduced and sometimes it’s very difficult to get the care they need, which is why a number of Canadians come to the US for treatment.

Just like Great Britain’s healthcare, America’s Democrats also refuse to admit the underlying problems being faced in many European nations are a direct result of the Middle Eastern refugees they took in or were forced to take in.

Hungary has begun building border fences to keep the refugees and immigrants out. Several other European countries have begun deporting some of the refugees and immigrants because of the problems they have created.

In countries like Germany, Sweden and Great Britain, the influx of Middle Eastern immigrants and refugees are destroying entire regions of the country. The refugees have been trashing large areas
which drive property values way down. Incidents of violent crimes have skyrocketed. In some areas it’s not safe for any Christian or Jewish woman or girl to go out alone or even in small groups because of the rising number of sexual assaults and rapes.

Several legal Middle Eastern immigrants have told me that in their society, it is often considered a badge of honor to sexually take a Christian or Jewish female. They said the logic behind it is much
like that of the British many centuries ago with the Scotts and trying to breed the Scott out of them.

They believe that if they can get Christian or Jewish females pregnant that the children will grow up Muslim. It’s not true for all Muslims, but it is true for many.

Not that long ago, Sweden was an enviable country in many ways, especially to other European countries, but since the flood of Middle Eastern refugees, the country is no longer that enviable. Crime has climbed higher than ever and some of the picturesque places in the country are now Middle Eastern hotspots where many don’t dare to trod.

After eight years of Obama doing everything he could to tear down America, especially with the fairly open border and welcoming of thousands of Islamic immigrants and wanting to welcome thousands of refugees, President Donald Trump has been trying to reestablish many of the policies that Obama destroyed. Every time Trump tries to take action to protect America, Democrats do whatever they can to stop him, including getting liberal judges to misuse their positions to issue injunctions against Trump’s agenda items.

What is it about the America we grew up with that Democrats hate so much and are so eager to destroy?

It is the One World Order and wealth distribution which started with Bush I and has continued until President Trump was elected. Obama did more damaged than any of the Presidents; but the dumbing down with common core of America’s children and the killing of our future work force has to be stopped.


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