Wonder what algorithm they put this blogger in today since she is a conservative blogger?

It is a way to pigeon hole conservatives out of the main stream media. Goggle expressed that my blogs were not worth a cent and I could not have any ads.

Yesterday, Zuckerburg told the world that he was not biased but his workers in silicon valley were all liberals – isn’t that discrimination. The companies that I worked for had quotas they had to meet. Why don’t the tech companies have to have quotas?

What is a computer algorithm?

Tasks performed by computers consist of algorithms. An algorithm is a well-defined procedure that allows a computer to solve a problem. A particular problem can typically be solved by more than one algorithm. Optimization is the process of finding the most efficient algorithm for a given task.

End result – it puts conservatives in a box – plain and simple.

Time to stop this crap that we are being exposed to in our work. The Democrats keep talking about diversity; but, diversity means – all being the same – socialists.


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