As Trump fumes, senators craft a bill to protect Mueller.

The senators who are crafting this bill are interfering with an investigation and are committing a crime which is OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE by protecting Mueller who is not following the orders he has been given. These senators are protecting a rogue prosecutor and the prosecutor is obstructing justice by continuing on the Trump/Repub tirade rather than going to where the information is taking him and investigating the information that is surfacing which implicates the Democrats who have colluded with Russia – not the Repubs.

The causal article is the two pages (dossier) which was used to get an approval through the FISA court to spy on candidate Trump. The DOJ/FBI continue to forward redacted info which makes the information useless.

This folks is obstruction of justice and Rosenstein and Wray are guilty because they are allowing it.

It is time to slap DOJ Rosenstein and FBI Wray with obstruction of justice and interfering with an investigation by allowing the FBI or DOJ to continue to redact any information that the courts have given to Nunez. This redaction is an OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE. Wray and Rosenstein should both be impeached by allowing them to redact the information. Plain and simple.


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