Why can’t we prove who gassed the Syrian’s? You have eyes in the sky throughout the world. They tell us they can see a straight pin on a side walk.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be Syria who gassed their own people. You have Turkey, Iran, Russia or Saudi Arabia – who all have skin in the game. Let’s be sure we are bombing the right killer(s) of these people. All of the four mentioned have no human feelings about killing anyone – even their own Muslim Christians. All of those country’s leaders are like animals.

For once, let’s be right on who is the target. Even Obama could be the guilty party by having Turkey’s Ero-dog-an, who is a Muslim, commit this act since Congress/Nunez are hot on Obama’s tail. With all Obama has done, I would not be a bit surprised. He is really the guilty party from top to bottom of the sh*t barrel he is still rolling around the world. If you take Obama out of the equation and put him in jail – you will cut off the head of the snake.


Obama is the whole world’s problem when you talk about Muslims.


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