Mueller, the crook, still findin’ nothing so he teamed up with lying Rahm Emanuel’s lawyer who will cook the books and instead of finding a ham sandwich – he is going to cook one up.

Since Mueller is so busy “FINDING NOTHING” and continues to run around the track spinning his wheels – waiting for Michael Avenatti to get into the race. Now that Avenatti has – they coordinated with Avenatti and have committed a raid in the home of Trump’s personal lawyer and his offices looking for a needle in the haystack. To HELL with client privilege; but, remember, Dem’s and Obama don’t have to follow the law – only the good guys follow the law.

Isn’t it time for Sessions to get out of the way – but no – because he is working for the Elite Repub’s and the dark government – called the One World Order crowd. They lost with Hillary Clinton, all of the crimes are coming out of the wood work that Obama, Dem’s, and the Elite Repub’s committed,and are now trying to get in thru the back door – which is called the HOOK AND CROOK method.

If there are three equal branches of government and the executive branch is being attacked by the Democrats – so where is the third – The Supreme Court? If they can’t do anything but sit idly by – where is the Military – why don’t the Prez/Repub’s call in the Military to take over the Democrat muslim/communists (Obama/Hillary Clinton)Party have committed treason and Mueller won’t do his job and has colluded with the Russia/Dem’s)?

Again, Obama/Hillary Clinton/Dem’s have colluded with Russia BIG TIME AND MUELLER HAS ALL OF THE EVIDENCE and knows it; but,he is not doing his job because Mueller is in collusion with the Dem’s and Russia to remove the Prez from office because Mueller/Dem’s are the real traitors to America.


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