Not So Secretive ex-Government INSIDERS Take Trump To SUPREME Court

Source: TTN
by: Donny Bomenabori

Secretive Government INSIDERS Take Trump To SUPREME Court


(The above are the not so secret ex-government officials.)

Maybe you’ve heard, conservatives have been talking about government insiders undermining the Trump presidency; Obama officials and old, swamp-dwelling hands that are pushing a secret agenda behind the scenes. Is all this “deep state” talk just wild speculation?

The Supreme Court will hear Trump vs. Hawaii later this month, where President Trump’s “travel ban” (vetting travelers from foreign nations with ties to terror organizations) will be reviewed by the Supreme Court. An Amicus Brief, meaning “friend of the court” was filed on behalf of Hawaii, who is suing the president over his policy.

(They have heard it once and cleared the Prez to be able to keep the country safe with the exception of not being able to arrest the lawless governors, etc. who are not following the Constitution – which I assume they will sign off on that part. The governors are creating chaos by allowing illegals to not follow the laws of the Constitution. If the Supreme Court doesn’t straighten this out and follow the Constitution – then we are in trouble.)

According to the Daily Caller, “Signatories to the brief who fall into this category include John Brennan, former director of the CIA, and James Clapper, former Director of National Intelligence. Both men have been intensely critical of President Donald Trump and resigned their posts effective the day he took office.”

(This is nothing new, Brennan and Clapper have plotted against President Trump starting with the campaign – they instigated the FISA warrants to listen in on Trump’s campaign – they should both be in jail – plus the rest of the Democrats who were involved in this treason.)

The briefs are typically filed by third parties that wish to argue in favor of one side or the other. This one was filed by, “The 52 signatories to the brief served in various diplomatic and national security capacities.” The signatories are “aware of no specific threat or deficiencies in the current visa vetting system that would justify the complete, country-wide suspensions of travel to the United States prescribed here,”; now you know the Deep State is a thing.

The DEEP STATE IS NO GOVERNMENT – it is a bunch of Obama muslim-leaning idiots who did not like the way the election came out and have committed crimes to keep the government from working effectively. Plain and simple.

If the Supreme Court hears this – then they are a part of the Obama scheme.


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