Why are all of these democrat perverts piling on the President and the First Lady. The people: Ellen/Kamala, Kimmel, Michelle, Jay Z, David Letterman, and all of the fake news media.

I think the reason for this is – that the Nunes’ kitchen is getting hot and the oil is rising to the surface. They are trying to change the subject.

Especially, what was announced yesterday:


Folks, they are getting worried. They are panicking now.

As far as Jimmy Kimmel, who was shown to be perverted tonight as shown on Hannity’s show, I wonder – HOW MANY LANGUAGES DOES HE OR HIS WIFE SPEAK? Kimmel seemed to have a problem with Melania reading a book to children and smarted off about the White House egg roll and the part she played.

Now take a look – do you think Kimmel’s second wife can speak five languages and take a look at her looks? I will let you be the judge.

By the way where did Kimmel’s diversity go since he is criticizing Melania’s dialect? That’s the way democrats are – say whatever is convenient at the time.


Kimmel’s wife looks like a sweet woman and she is taking care of a baby who has a hole in his heart. Now take a look at the father of this child. You would think he would “thanking the Lord” instead of being so ugly about our First Lady”.

Then you have another former First Lady called Michelle – who knows what it is like to be one – why do you continue making yourself look so small. You proved that you didn’t like being the First Lady. You say your husband served carrots and the President served candy. At the moment I will take the candy since Trump has improved the country whereas Obama took the country to a new low. You say – you go high when they go low. Think you got that backward in this instance.

Then there is Jay Z and Letterman – two liberals who have no idea what is going on in the government and using the tube to garner attention. And to Jay Z – what did Obama do for the black people for eight years. You might need to have a talk with Charles Barkley who reported that he is not going to vote for a democrat cause they are not helping the black people – smart guy. And then, Letterman, you used the capitalist system to get rich and now you’re damning the country where you made this money and living high on the hog. Shame on you.

As far as the fake news – they have no excuse except they hate the President because he is moping up the floor with them. They don’t like it one bit because the President is cleaning up the mess Obama left behind which was due to the media’s lack of due diligence in reporting Obama’s corruption and treason. The fake news media is guilty of helping Obama cover up the corruption and treason with the help of DNC, Hillary Clinton, Clapper, Brennan, DOJ, and FBI.

In the end, you have Senator Kamala Harris and the Black Caucus who have a ‘t big problem – she/they won’t disavow Farrakhan. Yet, she appears on Ellen’s program and bad mouths our President. She/They need to clean up their own back yard first. Houston – the democrats have a big problem.

Hopefully, the truth will come out and the Obama, et al, treason will rise to the surface – cause “he” is as guilty as sin.


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