Hillary: Fox News is trying to impeach me! Is she trying to be a comedienne or is she delusional?

By Dan Calabrese
April 5, 2018

I think she’s the one someone needs to explain reality to, but hey, Hillary gonna Hillary.

She tries to turn it on Fox News, of course, by making it sound like they’re the ones who don’t understand she’s a private citizen. But she’s the one who keeps making the rounds and denouncing everyone under the sun for costing her the throne to which she thought she was divinely entitled. Maybe people should stop asking her. Then again, if that happened, we wouldn’t get gems like this:


Fox & Friends First
✔ @FoxFriendsFirst

HILLARY AT IT AGAIN. The failed presidential nominee going on yet another post-election rant against President Trump, Putin, & Fox News | @JackieibanezFNC

Ever hopeful about the prospects for America, Hillary opines that we “haven’t seen the bottom yet,” presumably because things can only get worse as long as we have an Oval Office without her calling the shots, sending her “best and brightest” to deal with the rest of the world while centrally controlling the lives of each and every one of us.

If any one thing here demonstrates how wise the voters were not to elect her, it’s the whining about her treatment at the hands of Vladimir Putin. Putin is a ruthless tyrant who runs a country with strategic interests counter to our own, if only because Putin himself has decided to pursue said interests. He is not going to treat any American politician nicely unless he thinks he’ll get something for doing it. Putin is evil, but he’s no fool, and he quickly determined that Hillary is untrustworthy and that it would be a waste of his time to invest anything in a positive relationship with her.

The fact that she is this thin-skinned about it shows she was poorly prepared for the top job.

Now, some might fairly point out that Donald Trump appears rather thin-skinned himself. That’s true, but the difference is that when Trump thinks he’s being wrongly criticized, he strikes back – hard. You can call it unpresidential if you want, but he doesn’t play the victim. He mixes it up with you, and even if some feel Trump makes himself smaller in the process, he’s going to take you down with him.

Hillary just whines about how mean everyone is to her, and shakes her finger at you for having the temerity to not make her president.

I would say I feel better about that decision every time she opens her mouth, but that’s not true. I felt 100 percent awesome about it on Election Day, and nothing about that has changed in the slightest. Nor will it ever, I’m sure.


Dear Lord – isn’t it time for her to have a new assignment?


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