A lot of you have probably heard this or read about it – but for those who are not in on the know:

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Video Series Part 3 – The Scheme Team

February 24, 2018 ~ ABN

Below you will find some of the finest reporting available in the USA today. I highly recommend this article (Part 3) and the other articles and videos linked within it. When you read this, you will understand why so many of us agree that MSM is mostly fake news. ABN


Video Series Part 3 – The Scheme Team

In Part 1 we outlined a historic pattern of FISA-702 surveillance abuse by President Obama’s top officials within the DOJ and FBI. In Part 2 we outline how the application for a Title-1 surveillance warrant to the FISA court was intentionally misrepresented. Here in Part 3 we discuss the roles of people within the DOJ and FBI, “The Scheme Team”.

VIDEO #3 begins to put a close focus on a specific cast of characters at the highest levels of the DOJ and FBI. These were the key players from the Obama administration, FBI and DOJ whose goal was to ensure Hillary Clinton won the election and that Trump lost:

Published on Feb 24, 2018

Continue reading:

Assault on the Constitution: an outline of FISA abuse and spying on Donald Trump

February 8, 2018 ~ ABN

The FISA Court and The “Clinton-Steele Dossier”

February 8, 2018 ~ ABN

There is a great deal of crucial information in the video and the article linked below. If you want to be well-informed don’t miss either. Additionally, there are many excellent comments accompanying the linked article. ABN

Highly recommended, very informative: The FISA Court ‘Title-One’ Application, Re-authorizations, and The “Clinton-Steele Dossier”…

February 7, 2018 ~ ABN

This is Madness – The Media are Just as Complicit In The DOJ Corruption and FISA Abuse…

February 4, 2018 ~ ABN


”We’re talking about thousands of hours of media TV pundits, thousands more columns written, and almost every scintilla of it based on originating intelligence sources -from the larger intelligence system- that are now being exposed as duplicitous and conspiratorial in the scale of their malicious intent.

This larger story-line has traveled in one direction. The narrative has only traveled in one direction. Each thread converging on codependent trails for collective stories all going in one direction. One big engineered narrative endlessly pushed. Think about how far the collective media have traveled with this story over the past eighteen months.

Now, in a period of a few weeks, it has become increasingly obvious the collective journey, using all that expended effort, was going in the wrong direction.

The media have fully invested themselves in eighteen months of narrative distribution in only one direction. Not a single MSM entity has questioned their travel as a result of false leaks and false sources in the totality of time they have covered the DOJ and FBI story. (Source)

“Tip of The Iceberg” – The Pending Intelligence Memo is The Beginning, Not The End…

February 2, 2018 ~ ABN ~ Leave a comment

”Unfortunately the corruption appears systemic within the entire justice system. This is the problem currently being confronted. This is also a system being defended by a political media apparatus who have benefited from seeing their opposition targeted. The American people became the threat to their system. The American people became their enemy. This outlook sounds stark, but this is exactly the way the DOJ has behaved.

Obama, the muslim/communist Democratic Party, the DOJ, and the FBI (not all of them) were working against the American people.


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