As we all know the Congress/Senate are working against our President. Now we have more illegals in Mexico heading for the border to invade our country. The President needs to throw out NAFTA AND SEND THE MILITARY TO THE BORDER since the Border Patrol’s hands are tied – we are being invaded. Where is the Constitution and the laws?

My question to the President – what can we, as citizens, do to help you? Let us know.

Congress and the Senate signed off on the following crimes committed by Obama and the COURTS never laid a hand on Obama. But, everything President Trump tries to do to help our country, there is one of Obama’s hand-picked Judges stopping him and hurting the citizens. These Judges are breaking the law of the Constitution and not one person in the government is helping the President.


As we all know that some of Congress and Senate with the help of McConnell and Ryan sat on their backside and did nothing to stop Obama and only helped him with his crimes.

Isn’t it time that the citizens call their Congress and Senate and bombard them with messages to help the President.


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