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March 31, 2018

Robert Mueller’s Past Not as Perfect as Portrayed

The American people have been told for months now that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is “beyond reproach” and that he will conduct a fair and impartial hearing of the facts in the Russia collusion investigation. Like everything else that the media reports, this is a complete lie.

Mueller has a track record of allegedly framing innocent people and covering up government and FBI crimes which we found evidence of dating back to at least the 1980s. The details call Mueller’s integrity into question as a law enforcement official.

The story starts in the 1960s in Boston, when a low-level thug was executed by the Mafia. The FBI, led by J. Edgar Hoover at the time, framed four completely innocent men and sent them to prison for the murder. The sole reason why the FBI did this was to protect the real killers — Mafia hitmen who were also FBI informants (sort of like the Pulse Nightclub shooter Omar Mateen’s family).

When Robert Mueller was acting US Attorney in Boston in the 1980s, he sent multiple letters to the parole board recommending that the men falsely convicted of the 1965 murder remain behind bars. Mueller let those innocent men rot in prison for decades, even as the Justice Department was sitting on evidence that completely exonerated them.

Watch the video below to see just how corrupt Robert Mueller is. Wait until you see Mueller’s response to this frame-up job when the government was finally forced to pay a $100 million. It is truly sickening to think that the unscrupulous Mueller is now hunting President Trump.


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