Nearly 400 Sheriffs Demand Congress Criminalize Sanctuary Cities.

Congress has the Constitution and its laws – JUST DO IT.

Sanctuary cities were set up by Obama and his Democrat muslim/communist party and are illegal and breaking the law. If the government funds these cities – THEY ARE BREAKING THE LAW.

Governor Brown and AG Becerra are law breakers and need to be impeached, fired and arrested – they are criminals. When they are funding these states who arbitrarily state they are sanctuaries – then they are breaking the law.

There is no such thing in the Constitution that states we have sanctuary cities – all we have are states who are run by the Constitution.


 March 30, 2018  Editor Liberty Headlines

“Enough is enough,” the sheriffs write…

(Breitbart) Nearly 400 sheriffs across the country are calling on the Republican-controlled Congress to follow through on President Trump’s popular immigration agenda by securing the nation’s porous borders and criminalizing sanctuary cities.

Sheriff Thomas M. Hodgson of Bristol County, Massachusetts, has gathered with about 380 sheriffs from across America, representing 40 states, to ask Congress to push Trump’s agenda that would help decrease and end illegal immigration to the United States.

“Enough is enough,” the sheriffs write. They continue, saying:

The sheriffs faulted Congress for failing to enact reforms that would drastically reduce illegal immigration to the U.S., writing that their lack of effort to end illegal immigration has “undermined our ability to keep our communities safe…”


It is noteworthy – that Obama deliberately started this division in our country to divide it. He used Sharia law and disobeying the laws to accomplish this. It is now Congress’ job to correct this by putting the Constitution back to work and putting Obama and his top officials who broke the law in jail. We have plenty of laws on the books – just make them stick instead of being so week-kneed.


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