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Why are the governments – Germany, Great Britain, France, the rest of the European Union, and the Middle East leaders allowing the persecution of Christians in their countries. Even the Pope made only a few comments about the persecution of Christians. During Obama’s time in office he was part of that group who allowed the drowning, burning, and killing of Christians and did not lift a hand because he is a muslim.

It is time for the world leaders to quit being in bed with the muslims and fight for all religions and the Christian world.

Islam is just one religion of many and have to accept that or go back to the Middle East. It is time for all leaders to make that claim. They have to be put in their place.


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Christians Are ‘Most Persecuted Group in This Century’

30 Mar 2018 by Thomas D. Williams

Long-time Fox News contributor Father Jonathan Morris said that Christian persecution is not only holding strong but is “growing throughout the world” in a Good Friday conversation with Alex Marlow on Breitbart Radio.

“Christians are the most persecuted group in the world,” Father Morris told the Breitbart News editor-in-chief – whether in the more overt forms in the Middle East, China, and elsewhere – or in the “less obvious, silent persecution” that takes place in Western countries.

This “silent” persecution takes many forms, the priest continued, sometimes fueled by “government programs” and other times as a form of “cultural persecution” through ridicule of Christian beliefs and the message that Christians “have no place in modern society.”

As an example, Father Morris cited last year’s Democratic National Committee meeting where director Tom Perez said…

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