KOMMONSENTSJANE – Left’s Redistricting Arguments: They Just Do Not Like Our Form of Government. Reclaim Our Republic.

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The problem with the Democrats is – they want “mob rule” – as we have had with eight years of Obama. They are no longer the Democrats of old – they are now a party of muslims/communists.

The country elected Prez Trump for that reason and we have to keep on top of this – because they are disrupting the government and the country with their illegal tricks – they cheat and steal with anything they put their dirty hands on.


Reclaim Our Republic

Mar 27, 2018  by  Steve Byas

Left’s Redistricting Arguments: They Just Do Not Like Our Form of Government

When reduced to its essence, the present arguments over congressional redistricting, as evidenced by court cases presently in the hands of the U.S. Supreme Court, expose the stark reality that the Left simply does not like our form of government, or even what our founding documents considered the very purpose of government.

The Supreme Court has taken cases involving the drawing of legislative district lines in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. Within the past several months, various courts have ruled against redistricting plans of Republicans in North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

Think Progress, a strongly left-wing website, devoted an article this week to this issue, revealing why progressives on the Left are so active in redistricting questions. Put bluntly, they want the Democrats to win more seats in Congress and in the various state legislatures, and they desire to alter our form of government, transforming…

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