This keeps happening over and over with these set up killings to charge the Police. The way it works the black person acts like he has a gun and he only has a phone and the Police have to follow protocol when the person won’t throw it down. It keeps happening all over the country.

This is the ploy of the Democrats to cause disruption. When you listen to the following video of the reaction of the brother of the killed person barging into the city hall meeting and not one person tried to stop him from entering and disrupting the meeting – it looks like it was staged.

The young man acted like a wild animal – not a normal person who would be asked to be put on the agenda to speak about his brother’s death. This was all staged.


The brother of Stephon Clark, an unarmed black man killed by police, interrupted a Sacramento City Council meeting as chants of the victim’s name filled the chambers, illustrating how the fatal shooting has sparked emotions in this California city.

California has joined the investigation into the fatal police shooting of Stephon Clark, the unarmed black man who was killed by Sacramento police March 18, the state attorney general’s office said today.

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Attorney General Xavier Becerra will oversee an “independent part” of the Sacramento Police Department investigation, he said at a news conference that included Police Chief Daniel Hahn, Mayor Darrell Steinberg and Sacramento County District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert.

Community leaders and pastors were also present.

“The police department will continue to be transparent and continue to openly share information that we can regarding this investigation,” Hahn said at the news conference.

An undated family photograph of Stephon Clark who was holding his cellphone when he was fatally shot March 18, 2018 by two Sacramento police officers who fired at him 20 times, the department said. KXTV

An undated family photograph of Stephon Clark who was holding his cellphone when he was fatally shot March 18, 2018 by two Sacramento police officers who fired at him 20 times, the department said.

The investigation into the shooting is ongoing and neither the Becerra nor Hahn gave any indication of how long they expect it to be.

The police department has not officially released the names of the officers involved in the shooting because of death threats they’ve received, Hahn said.

According to Sacramento Police Department bodycam footage, Clark, 22, was unarmed. He had been holding an iPhone.

California Attorney General, Xavier Becerra and the California Sheriffs Department, announced that his office will be independently investigating the death of Stephon Clark. KXTV

(Now Becerra – complicit with the Party will find the Police guilty and they will tie the hands of the Police – all part of the Democrat plans. This was Obama’s plan and is nothing new.)

When officers encountered Clark, according to the footage, they believed he was holding a “toolbar.” The officers said Clark motioned toward them, as one can be heard yelling, “Show me your hands … gun, gun, gun.”

The officers then combined to fire 20 shots.


I do think 20 shots were excessive.

So, just one more shooting whereby they make the Police look bad.


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