KOMMONSENTSJANE – GOP Should Stop Kowtowing To Dems: Make Them Filibuster Till They Drop. Reclaim Our Republic.

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The word on the streets of the U.S. are:

The Congress and Senate are working to fill their pockets not protect the American people or their money. That seems to be true because the states and their governments are working for the illegals’ welfare not the citizens of this country.

Do you hear one congressman/woman or senator speak out or pass a bill to keep our country on track with the Constitution while all of these blue states are going rogue?

These governors and attorney generals are ruling by Sharia law not the Constitution. It is time for Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell to speak up – if not, this tells me THEY ARE COMPLICIT WITH THESE STATES.

Why – they let the illegals vote and they give them welfare – this does not happen in Mexico or any foreign country.

Again, where are the congressmen and women in D.C.? Not a peep.

This tells me people like California’s governor jerry brown and attorney general becerra are working for the illegals not the citizens. It is time for these cities to file suit against them to protect their own cities.

It is a dereliction of duty. These two need to be impeached but that won’t happen because all you have are liberals in the state government working for the illegals not the citizens; the citizens have to go to bat.

Republican Rinos in Washington can team up against President Trump – but couldn’t stop Obama and liberal policies in seven years.

My suggestion – maybe we should audit all of the congressmen/women and senators bank accounts since they all came in poor as church mice and now the word is “they were all paid off by Soros/lobbyists and look how many are hauling freight.

Remember when Paul Ryan gave Obama a blank check. So, here we are with a 20 trillion debt.

Did we hear one of those honorable people stand up for the American people? Not even one – during all of these crimes that Obama committed. Where were they – with their heads in the sand?


Why didn’t they stop Obama – because they were as corrupt as the TOP OF THE FBI AND THE DOJ.

In fact, Paul Ryan wouldn’t even be qualified in his home town as dog catcher.

They all thought Hillary Clinton would win and all of this corruption would just go on and they would skate on; but, sun light is shining on them and their heads were buried in the sand. That is why they fought so hard to keep President Trump from winning and still are.




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