Googles’ foreign workers/American idiots are interfering with this blog. Mr. President we need your help?

For every baby aborted in the world with the help of these democrat/muslim leaders and their funding – they are killing a potential Christian in order to help the muslims reduce the Christian population.

How many muslims have an abortion in the U.S.?

Why are democrats in the U.S. sponsoring abortion with Planned Parenthood? I do wish they would change their name – Planned Parenthood. It should be listed as Planned Annihilation. Last year, 360,000 potential Christian babies were aborted in the U.S. How many Muslims were aborted? A given – each muslim man has at least four wives and if each wife has one baby a year that is four per family. With the help of the democrats – they are working to help the muslims and, eventually, with the help of the illegal immigrants vote every Christian out of office and make this country a socialist or communist/muslim country.

Aborting a Christian baby is no different than muslims killing Christians all over the world. The democrats are helping the muslims kill off the Christian babies with the abortions in this country and all over the world. Why is it you don’t hear Pelosi or Schumer plea for help for Christians in the Middle East who are being slaughtered every day – because they both hate Christians. Why don’t you hear the leaders of France, Germany, Great Britain say anything about helping the Christians who are being slaughtered in the Middle East?

It finally dawned on me why democrats are neck deep into abortion. We killed 360,000 potential Christian workers in this country. After that, we hear the democrats’ outcry – we don’t have enough workers in the U.S. – we must bring more people from outside the country to work in our country and who are not given any road map to being an American – thereby, people who are not born and raised with patriotism – are not devoted to our country – it is called use, abuse, and then discard. Do you think America’s landscape looks like it did 40 years ago. Absolutely not – and why not – because of Bush I, Bush II, Clinton, and Obama’s greed for money. Plain and simple.

History will prove that the slow destruction of American will be attributed to that group of politicians who loved themselves and money more than they loved the U.S. and the people.

This is happening all over the world – abortion is the big money maker. A good example in Germany – Merkel stated that Germany’s families are not having babies as in the past. How can you when you abort them as fast as the mother’s become pregnant. She stated that was the reason she was bringing in the muslim people. This same thing is happening all over the world.

Look at the Middle East’s structure – blown into smithereens – where are the buildings with historic cultural meaning? Gone as if they never existed – all because one person named Bush II said “they have weapons of mass destruction” (which was never proven) and this One World Order group wants to rearrange the chairs on the world deck – just think ONE person who was a Hillary voter.

The world leaders are trying to rid the world of Christians to build “a one world order of idiots.”

We have to rethink this thing called “abortion,” It should be called “THE KILLING FIELDS.”


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