Why do the Muslims continue fighting each other if it is a religion of peace? City after city looks just like the picture below – destroyed? What is it that Muslims want for their people? They have lost their own identity by fighting over what tribe will be the Grand Popow or who will be in charge – while the bulk of the people are being made to leave and have been sent to Europe, etc., with nothing to show for their past. Why do these people want to destroy their own people from city to city in the Middle East?

A good example is each Middle Eastern country wants to regress to the past and doesn’t look to the future or either thinks that by going into other countries outside of the Middle East – they think they are going to take over because they have a religion they feel is the only religion in the world and should dominate the world. That will never happen because their people are illiterate and do not have the ability to run anything as you can see in the Middle East because each tribe wants to be in charge and do not know how to compromise within their own religion.

On October 19, 2017, USA Today with the reference to the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported, the total civilian death toll at over 1,800, and around 80% of the city is completely destroyed.


What has been accomplished – displaced people into countries that have no bearing of their own lifestyle? Why don’t the citizens have a say in this? This is madness. The Middle East is nothing but a pile of rubble – the history is gone from their own doing.

And, the other side of the coin – the other reason for all of this is that Europe, Obama, and the other countries want the Middle East’s oil – they want to empty the people out of their own country and take over. Europe is running out of their own people’s money and now are looking elsewhere.

Who started this one world disorder – the One World Order Group – Obama, the Bushes, Merkel,Hollande, and Cameron (and now the new leaders in France and Great Britain)? What do they want – they think they can run the world and steal all of their money – those were their plans.


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