KOMMONSENTSJANE – Why ALL FISA Court Warrants Are Illegal. Reclaim Your Republic.

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For your information. With each warrant we lose a part of our Constitution.


Reclaim Our Republic

It bothers me that so many citizens and judges have accepted the convoluted idea that a piece of legislation passed by Congress overrides the U.S. Constitution.

We see it all the time, of course. Colleges think that their “safe spaces” override the free-speech clause of the Constitution. They don’t. All they do do is allow ignorant people to remain ignorant by refusing to consider opposing viewpoints. Why haven’t oversight boards fired such college administrators and put a stop to this nonsense?

Public high schools have reached even deeper into the barrel, punishing students for having the “wrong” viewpoint on political and social issues. Witness the student suspended for refusing to protest on the taxpayers’ dollar the leftist-supported gun bans. Oversight? What oversight?

But the worst offender, and the most dangerous, is Congress. Grandstanding hyenas on both…

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