KOMMONSENTSJANE – VIDEO Trump’s California “War” Zone Visit: Border Wall, Marines, Jerry Brown, Beverly Hills. Reclaim Our Republic.

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And then there was Jerry Brown the CA clown.

Time to build that border wall – now – not next week or next month.
Obama and his communist/muslim party have caused the hurt the country is suffering with all of these illegals. These illegals have failed their own country, Mexico, so why would we think they are going to help our country when they don’t abide by the Constitution or the laws. If they aren’t committing a crime – they are drunk and kill someone or either raping or stabbing someone.

Is that the type of people we want to bring into our country? We need a merit based immigration system.


Reclaim Our Republic

Mar 14, 2018  by  William F. Jasper

Trump’s California “War” Zone Visit: Border Wall, Marines, Jerry Brown, Beverly Hills

President Trump made his first trip to California since his 2016 election to inspect prototype models for his promised Border Wall. Being the biggest Blue State, dominated by far-Left politicians and militant anti-Trump “Resistance” radicals, there were expectations of violent confrontations, but protests during his visit were peaceful.

One of President Donald Trump’s most controversial campaign promises was his pledge to “build a wall” along the U.S.-Mexico border to stop the massive flow of illegal aliens. When Air Force One touched down at Miramar Marine Corps Air Station near San Diego on Tuesday, March 12, the president demonstrated that his vows in this regard were not mere campaign rhetoric or impractical theory. At a press conference near the border, where eight competing prototype models were on display, President Trump reiterated his determination to get the security wall built. Flanked by Border Patrol officers, and…

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