Third time is a charm?

Oops – slips don’t count – had the two worst democrats in mind at the same time – Chris Matthews and Chris Wallace. Sorry!

Fox’s fair and imbalance was on firm ground this morning. The part that was on display was Sandra Smith interviewing Chris Wallace and we know who he is from top to bottom. He is a democrat slime ball. Smith sat there like a dummy not even defending our President. Where was the fair and balance?

Wallace was talking about Russia as you might know. These democrats can’t seem to get on any other topic because they have no other platform. But in 2016 and prior seven years, Obama, the traitor, was in the driver’s seat – Wallace’s statement was in regards to President Trump not criticizing Putin and Russia; but, not one time mentioning that Obama was in office and never criticized Russia and was the cause at the time. Again, not one time did he mention Obama not criticizing Putin because he knows that Obama/Hillary Clinton was colluding with Russia – Hillary even had a reset button that didn’t work.


There was so much treason during Obama’s time in office; but, for Wallace that would require some work digging up facts. Wallace is a lazy reporter.

What is it that Wallace likes about Obama and not President Trump – Obama was committed to the fundamental change of our country into what can only be regarded as a Communist state? Is that what Wallace likes are all of the crimes Obama committed and he approves of what Obama did to our country?

President Trump has worked hard to turn our country around – was Wallace relishing in the hardship in which Obama took our people and country?

He owes President Trump an apology.

Was Wallace trying to appease his leftist friends? I bet he even agrees with Pelosi and Schumer who have not requested the Black Caucus to disavow Farrakhan. Wallace probably worships him also, along with Obama and his muslim/communist friends.

Sure looks like it.

Why is it so important for President Trump to criticize Putin? If and after that happens – what will these Democrat communists want next?


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