KOMMONSENTSJANE – Nation of Islam lashes out at 3 black members of Congress, calling them sellouts. Reclaim Our Republic.

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What is so un-holy is the fact in the way they believe. It is either them or us – their religion or no religion and they profess to be a religion of peace. Islam is a government first and then riding on their rug is the religion. If they can’t accept ALL religions they need to be asked to leave the country. We cannot allow them to stay because of their attachment to Sharia law which is not compatible with the Constitution. It will continue to be a constant battle with terrorism because they hate the people. They have plenty of space in the Middle East to house all of these people. The problem is the globalist want to put them on our backs and pay their way thru life. Three quarters of them are illiterate with no IQ,


Reclaim Our Republic


March 14, 2018 By Elizabeth Llorente

The Nation of Islam is lashing out at three black members of Congress who have denounced its leader, Louis Farrakhan, for making anti-Semitic and anti-white remarks in a recent speech.

In an open letter published on its website, the Nation of Islam accuses Reps. Gregory Meeks, Barbara Lee and Danny Davis of being sellouts and bowing to public pressure to disavow the 84-year-old minister for his incendiary keynote speech at the organization’s national conference in Chicago last month.

Before a crowd of several thousand, Farrakhan said such things as “powerful Jews are my enemy” and “the Jews were responsible for all of this filth and degenerate behavior that Hollywood is putting out turning men into women and women into men.”

The new open letter refers the three lawmakers to a previous letter that Farrakhan in 2010 directed at “black leadership” that warned against…

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