The story here is – we have the big wigs who worked for Obama are still in the picture. We had Clapper, Brennan, and Pompeo working in intelligence and who were all in the know about Obama and Hillary and their crimes. Pompeo has been in charge of the CIA and now will replace Rex Tillerson, who was the man in charge of the State Department. They all walk around like they never heard of “Obama and Hillary.”

But, in the mean time, we have AG Jeff Sessions,DOJ, who also knew about all of the same Obama and Hillary crimes; but, yet, all of the prior Obama employees are still in place and hindering investigation after investigation to keep the truth from coming out.

Why is it Pompeo doesn’t lay everything out on the table since he was working in the CIA with Brennan and Clapper – Clapper was the Director of National Intelligence during the Obama Administration when the unmasking happened and surely knew all about when they listened in on the President’s campaign and are now finding out Obama and his intelligence crews listened in on Romney during the Obama and Romney campaign.

These people do not work for a particular party – they work for the American people.

It looks like the people working in the high places continue to use Obama’s puppets and are just spinning their wheels.

We continue to have all of these different committees spending their time investigating – roll all of them into one group and subpoena the Obama people – give them a lie detector test and go from there – even if it takes water-boarding because our country’s future is at stake.

We keep tiptoeing through the forest and continue failing to give these people a straight to jail card. What is it going to take to put some teeth into these crimes? A good example is AG Session’s FBI AND DOJ Obama people who have proven they committed crimes and what do they do – set them aside in Human Resoures with pay – while they investigate. Isn’t it time to put them on Administrative Leave without pay. You are paying them “crooks’ wages.”

It is treason and all of these people are treating it like it was “a shop lifting crime in Walmart’s.”

The proof is there – so what are we waiting for – for hell to freeze over – which means they aren’t going to do anything. This is weakening our country. Where did the “gutsy” people go?

What blows me out of the water – all of these Republican Congressmen/women in the House and Senate knew what was going on for eight years and did nothing to stop Obama – why not? This is the Constitution which was not protected – they let Obama rule with Sharia law.

We still need an answer.


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