KOMMONSENTSJANE – Border protection officer hired in 2012 falsely claimed to be a US citizen. Fellowship of the Minds.

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Very easy to understand this thinking:

For the last four decades the government has been sinking like the Titanic with the help of the traitors Bush I, Clinton’s, Bush II, and Obama. Their open borders policies only created more corruption than the government could follow through with. When you have corruption at the top – it trickles down to the lower levels.

All of those groups were not using the law and order of the Constitution – just a lawless government – just make up the rules as you go and this is where we were when President Trump was elected and why he was elected.

And this is why our President is fighting from tooth to toe nail to uphold the Constitution and receiving such flack from the evil doers.

And besides their famous banner was: WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE?


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