The Justice Department is SUING the state of California for violating the Constitution by passing laws that shield illegal immigrants. The Constitution must prevail not Sharia law.

President Trump is now facing EXTREME backlash from Democrats and the fake news.

Governor Jerry Brown and his administration are aiding and abetting the illegals and should be held accountable for sedition. We have to maintain law and order which we did not have under Obama and the Democrats – Obama was using Sharia law. As Americans we cannot allow this lawless state of California and support the Department of Justice’s lawsuit against “sanctuary state” California.

Democrats remain defiant in their insubordination of federal law — and they have the entire fake news media machine parroting their talking points.

The mayor of Oakland, California went so far as to publically tip off illegal immigrants when ICE was about to begin its arrests of known criminals. This mayor has to be arrested to prove law and order exists in the U.S. If not it will continue to be a lawless state. Obama and the Democrats started this lawlessness during their eight years in office.

Americans across the country now can see that Democrats have officially become the party of obstruction, lawlessness, government shutdowns, and of putting illegal immigrants before American citizens.

We have to be sure to alert the public – that a vote for any Democrat is a vote for muslims/communists values and being paid for by Soros/Obama/Farrakhan.


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