While listening to Mark Levin’s program on Fox with Prime Minister Netanyahu it was interesting to listen to his values and plans for Israel.

He made mention of the fact that Muslim leader Mahmoud Abbas won’t recognize Israel as a state. Why is that so important? We realize that the Muslims want to take over the whole world with their government called Islam which is really a government posing as a religion. I don’t think their opinion is worth anything to begin with – when people want to train their people to be savages as the Muslims do – why would anyone worry about what they think to begin with? They are so jealous of Israel and how the Jewish people have taken a desert and made it into an oasis and an economy that hums every day.

Israel has made many strides for humanity through out the years. What has the Muslim world contributed to humanity but wars and suffering for their people.

So why worry about the Muslims recognizing Israel because in my mind I wouldn’t include them as a part of the circle of minds for the betterment of the world because all they are told is that they are going to take over the whole world with an IQ of zilch.

Until they become a part of the “human” race they can’t be included in the world of ideas and peace.

The world needs to isolate them until they learn how to be a part of the human race which will never happen. Their minds just don’t work in that fashion.


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Enjoys sports and all kinds of music, especially dance music. Playing the keyboard and piano are favorites. Family and friends are very important.
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