New Legal Group to Help Defend Free Speech on Campuses

D Jolly
March 7, 2018

Over 250 years ago, the American colonists learned that they had no freedom of speech. The British often fined and jailed any colonist who dared to say anything negative against the Crown or any British soldier. Any negative speech was considered sedition.

This is why our Founding Fathers wrote the First Amendment clause about freedom of speech. That was a vital right that many back then believed so strongly about, along with other tyrannical practices of the British, they were willing to fight and die for.

Then came the anti-American regime of Barack Obama, who empowered liberals everywhere to freely and openly trample on many constitutional rights, including the First Amendment right of free speech. With that empowerment, a number of colleges and universities began trying to silence the speech of conservatives and Christians. Some of them placed restrictions on free speech and even banned some student organizations from campus because they espoused conservative and/or Christian ideologies.

In order to tap dance around any violation of constitutional rights, some colleges created free speech zones. In most cases, these zones were no larger than a few square feet and were located in out of the way places on campus that saw few people passing by. Some went even further and required anyone who wanted to use a free speech zone to get permission from the same administration that tried to squelch all conservative and Christian speech.

In 2015, some professors at the University of Washington punished students for using hate speech in their classes and in their homework. The hate speech consisted of the terms ‘male’, female’ and ‘illegal alien’.

In 2016, North Carolina State University imposed new rules that were specifically designed to silence Christians on campus. Those rules even violated that university’s own core values:

Integrity—in the pursuit, creation, application, and dissemination of knowledge
Freedom—of thought and expression
Respect—for cultural and intellectual diversity”

In 2017, a professor at Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa, California went on an anti-Trump tirade, which did not seem to be a problem for the university. However, one student, who felt threatened because he was wearing a pro-Trump t-shirt in class, recorded the tirade. When the school learned of the video and that it had been shared, they suspended the student, no action was ever taken against the professor.

In February 2017, an elementary computer lab teacher took to her own private Facebook page where she linked to a Chicago Tribune article and then thanked Donald Trump for his stand on immigration. Immigrant parents complained to the school and the teacher was punished, for something she posted away from school.

There are dozens of similar cases like this happening not only in colleges and universities but in middle and high school as well. I earlier reported on a high school girl who wore a Romney-Ryan t-shirt to school, only to have a teacher verbally assault her in class in front of everyone. The teacher insisted the girl either take off the shirt or turn it inside out, then and there, in front of the rest of the class.

Even though Donald Trump is in the White House and Republicans are in control of both houses of Congress, many school teachers and administrators continue to feel empowered to do what they can to trample of the First Amendment rights of students.

This has prompted Nichole Neily to form a new legal organization called Speech First that will help defend students and teachers who have the constitutional right to free speech violated by liberal educational institutions. She already has joined forces with Alliance Defending Freedom in three such cases this year.

On the website of Speech First, it states:

“Students’ speech rights on campus are threatened on a regular basis. But the prospect of standing up to a school can be overwhelming – it can be expensive and time-consuming (not to mention awkward, since the student probably still wants a diploma at the end of the day). That’s why most students don’t take action. But what if students who wanted to stand up for free speech on campus were supported by like-minded students from all over the country? And what if those students were part of an organization that had the resources to fight back? Suddenly, it’s not so daunting after all.”

“That’s why Speech First was created. By coming together, we’ve created a nationwide community to reassure students that they won’t fight these cases alone – and that they’ll be supported every step of the way: on campus, in the media, and in court. We’re a membership association of students, parents, faculty, alumni, and concerned citizens from across the country who’ve had enough, and who want to fight back.”

“We believe that free and open discourse is an essential component of a comprehensive education. We are committed to restoring the freedom of speech on college campuses because we believe that by exposing students to different and challenging ideas, they will emerge stronger, smarter, and more resilient.”

“Speech First will protect students’ free speech rights on campus. Through advocacy, litigation, and other means, we will put colleges and universities on notice that shutting down unwanted speech will no longer be tolerated.”

If you, your kids or anyone you know has their First Amendment rights violated at school, regardless of what level, then you may just want to contact Speech First to see if they would be willing to help you defend your constitutional right. It’s time we stop allowing liberals to trample on our rights. We must stand up and fight them and Speech First is willing to help do that.

Finally some help for these students who are trampled on by these liberal professors.

A note to the students – don’t be shy – let those liberal professors know that your rights are protected now.


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