KOMMONSENTSJANE – The Case For and Against a Special Counsel Investigation of DOJ and FBI. Reclaim Our Republic.

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Yes, they have to have a Special Counsel who has real power to serve justice. What happened in the Bill Clinton case when the house did its jobs and impeached him and then the Senate Trent Lott said he didn’t know how to handle the Senate phase for the final phase and then it ended with an acquittal. You talk about a cop out if I ever saw one.

So, this investigation has to be done by professionals who know how to handle the investigation and then follow through.

Don’t waste America’s time.

If you do the crime – you do the time – just like in real life – not like the way it was handled for politicians with a slap on the wrist with Clinton. All they did was let the Clinton’s skate and they just went on to bigger crimes as we have witnessed.


Reclaim Our Republic

Increasingly more Republicans are calling for special counsel, while DOJ argues for IG investigation

Mar 6, 2018 by Sarah A. Carter

Arguments Against a Special Counsel per DOJ:

  • Like a federal prosecutor, a special counsel in the Department of Justice can’t bring a case before a court unless its investigators find evidence of a crime.

  • Special counsel investigators are usually FBI.  If the special counsel agrees that there is a conflict of interest in bringing FBI investigators into the fold it would have to select a different team of investigators to aide in the case.
  • The special counsel could use the Post Master General or the DEA but those investigators would be far behind the DOJ’s Inspector General investigators, who have already been working on the cases.
  • Federal prosecutors, special counsels, and those attorneys working with them do not “conduct” investigations. DOJ officials told me that the process is much…

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