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It is time for a reckoning. Due to the educational system and tech gadgets – children of today do not have the experience of the younger days. The educational system have failed our children on purpose. So, now we are going to have to regress to compensate for that.

We must change our age limit for:

After high school – all students have to serve two years of voluntary service to your country – before college or trade school.

Guns to 21
Voting to 21
Military service to 21 or 18 but no war duty until 21.

Let’s be sensible and readjust.

If not, our country will go to hell in a hand basket.


Arlin Report

I’m not going to get into the “only for AR-15’s or other semiautomatic” you must be 21 yrs. of age debate.   Though I could, maybe I will just a touch.   You can go see the Army recruiter at the ripe age of 17.   Weeks later you could find yourself on the shooting range during basic training.   The Army lays a rifle in your hand that Wal-Mart will not sell you.  Then an automatic, rapid fire with unlimited ammo.   Hit that target son!!  We may need your accuracy to destroy the enemy, those threatening the security of our nation. Even those morons that think at 20 years of age you shouldn’t have a gun in your hands, mentally stable or not.  Question, who has the real mental issues here?

Farm boys take notice.   Where is daddy going to find your hunting rifle.  Deer hunting with a rock, a sling shot?   Next…

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