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Have We Not Yet Learned Polls Do Not Express Reality?

by Sylvia Thompson on 1 January, 2017


Recently a Fox News guest stated, during a discussion regarding Barack Obama, that Fox polling put the President somewhere in the 50-percent-range approval rating. That guest assuredly touted the statistic as if it were fact. I can understand his confidence, because many polls have been touting the same fiction regarding Obama’s popularity. The lie has percolated through the media since American patriots began to question his intentions toward our country. And that questioning began early in his term of office.

Since the 2016 elections ended, I no longer put any store in polls, and I cannot understand why anybody else would. Polling institutions throughout the country (including Fox News polls, which Fox folks seem to think are better than the others) have been proven to be woefully inadequate in gauging public opinion on any matters of consequence. Polls are too susceptible to manipulation by agenda-driven motives.

Even before polling on this issue, I never accepted nor will I ever accept that a majority of Americans think Barack Obama is anything but a mediocre narcissist. One who exhibits a toxic mix of arrogance accompanied by gross incompetence. Americans are not fools. If there were trustworthy methods of determining their true assessment of Obama the person, that assessment would match their disgust with his policies. I also do not accept that Donald Trump has the dismally low popularity rating that polls claim.

In light of these circumstances, many white Americans still seem incapable of reading Obama. I make this assumption because so many still ask questions such as “Why is he stabbing Israel in the back with so little time left in office?” And “Why would he provoke Russia so late in the game, accusing them of things that other nations have done and continue to do; that is, attempt to steal proprietary information?” (It’s called “spying” and it’s universal; we do it, too.)

It puzzles me why those who ask such questions cannot recognize what seems so obvious—that these actions on Obama’s part are attempts to weaken America and more specifically to stifle the progress of the incoming President, Donald Trump. Obama has an unmitigated disdain for this country; he always has and likely always will.

I’ve noticed that some people, especially media types, seem to have difficulty grasping this reality. Throughout Obama’s disastrously pernicious eight-year term in office, media (all of the mainstream ilk) have endeavored to cast him as a typical American president. What drives this media charade, in my opinion, is the fact that Obama is half-black. I can see no other reason for such insanely willful avoidance of reality. They are afraid of being branded racist.

Besides numerous other negative fall outs from advancing a lying narrative that Obama is no different from any other president and America basically “likes” him, is the fact that Obama’s delusion is fed by the lie. He himself believes he is not only an outstanding president, among the many who came before him, but in his eyes he is the most outstanding among them. He now thinks (expanding on his delusion) he would have defeated Donald Trump were he allowed to run again.

When polls claim Americans “like” him despite his dreadful policies, what else is he to think? When he’s led to assume that all the harm he has done to the nation is something Americans are decoupling from the persona, which directed him to orchestrate that harm in the first place, of course he would think himself capable of defeating Donald Trump.

Shallow-thinking media types, relying on polls, can make excuses about Obama being “likeable” as a person even though his policies are roundly despised, but astute Americans aren’t buying it. They despise the person Barack Obama and his poisonous agenda, which has brought this nation to the brink of destruction.

Actions can’t be divorced from the person taking the action, if the action is willful. Who else is responsible if not the person acting out? This is the reasoning trap we put ourselves in when we do that futile “separate the sin from the sinner” exercise. They are an inseparable pair, the actor and his willful actions (the sinner and his willful sin), unless of course he stops the behavior. Then and only then are they not the same.

One more observation, which regards the folks (Democrat sycophants) who have hit me with the argument Obama, alone, does not bear responsibility for the negative effects of his term in office. I readily acknowledge that the progressive Left and powerful anti-American, George Soros-type forces have essentially orchestrated Obama’s entire administration. Those forces manipulated his rise to political prominence, with the express purpose of dealing a death blow to America. In that regard, Obama is not solely culpable for all that has transpired. But in the American system of governance, as one prominent president expressed it, “the buck stops here,” and that place was at President Harry Truman’s Oval Office desk.

If you choose to become President of the United States of America, you carry the burden of whatever goes wrong in your term of office. That dictum applies to all presidents, including Barack Obama. The President is Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of this nation. You don’t like the terms, don’t take the job.


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