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On Sexual Allegations: If You Expose the Accused, Expose Their Accusers

by Sylvia Thompson
on 2 December, 2017

A bill is being drafted in Congress to address the fact that tax-payer dollars were inappropriately used by some members of that body. We have learned those tax dollars went toward payment of harassment settlements, sexual and otherwise. The bill is designed to solicit repayment of those funds to the government by the individuals involved.

I am all on board with having members repay money they received in this manner, and I’m all for tightening strictures on how this particular fund is used in the future. I am also for changing the procedures, making it less difficult for an accuser to come forward. But I am vehemently opposed to exposing names of those involved unless all names are exposed, accuser and accused. And beyond that, I want to know the circumstances of each case.

Why were the settlements made and was guilt proven? An answer is crucial; hearsay and “credible sounding” accusers is not enough. Credible sounding doesn’t cut it when someone’s life is on the line. And accusing someone falsely or out of misinterpretation of their behavior pretty much destroys a person’s life. That is why false accusation is one of the “Do Nots” in the Ten Commandments from Almighty God. (It’s Commandment 9, in case you’re wondering.)

I think this is a reasoned and fair stance to take, because all people accused of criminal behavior are not necessarily guilty of that behavior.
Cases do exist where individuals and corporations (especially corporations with trusted brand names) who are not guilty have settled out of court simply to avoid the negative press and its attendant destructive results.

Individuals (mostly men) have had their careers and family lives ruined because of the rancorous publicity surrounding allegations (not convictions) of misconduct, especially sexual misconduct. And because, as a woman, I am very much aware of the corruption of our culture by rabid feminism and feminists, I am not about to buy into the current madness involving sexual harassment charges.

I’m assuming that in some cases, there will be proof of misconduct in Congress. If genuine proof is already on record, then and only then can a case be made for revealing anybody’s name. And even then, I want to know if the behavior persisted beyond an individual accuser. If someone displayed a lapse of judgment and has not involved himself in similar behavior since the incident in question, then I say to the “first-stone-casters” leave him be.

If there is valid evidence of misconduct, I want the evidence examined thoroughly by members of Congress (and not the lying media, including Fox News) before any judgments are passed (to repay money or to expose names). I don’t care how credible an accuser’s statements may sound. Credibility of statements must be proven true or false based on facts.

I am fully aware that many people (male and female) have been genuine victims of sexual predators (male and female), but we now live in a culture essentially devoid of virtue. We cannot always rely on folks to do the right thing, and that applies both to harming someone or lying about being harmed.

We must fall back on the age-old adage of requiring two or more witnesses, and without them no judgment can be passed before thorough investigation. Our system of law demands such scrutiny, for the sake of the accuser and the accused.

We must return to the requirement that women take responsibility, as we have had to do throughout the ages. Men are by nature wired for sex; we are wired to tamp them down with our responses to their behavior. In the biblically promised “new heaven and new earth” things will be different. For now, that’s just how it works in a world of imperfect people.

Here are a couple of suggestions for my fellow females.

Respond to dangerous, unwanted sexual advances with physical push back, and if you are not prone to get physical, a stern, not wimpy, “No” has worked throughout the ages.

It is up to a woman to determine if her career is more important than putting a lech in his or her place. Even if her job is not a career but a necessity, perhaps to assist her family, it is still up to a woman to reject unwanted behavior on the job or elsewhere. Most employment provides mechanisms for reporting and dealing with harassment or physical harm. If there are no such mechanisms, advocate for them. And women must act promptly; waiting decades erodes believability.

Ditch the asinine feminist notion that you can vamp to your heart’s content and expect men not to respond to your behavior.

When feminists tell women they can do whatever men do sexually because it’s our “right,” they lie, despicably. What we do elicits much graver consequences—unwanted pregnancy among the most serious.

It is, indeed, a woman’s choice to wear dresses so tight they ride up the thighs when she sits. Or to embrace the fashion of pants so conforming to the shape of the body that men need only fantasize beyond the thin fabric. Yes, those are choices women can make, but a man’s physical response to those choices is not “a choice.” It is by nature. His only choice is to restrain himself from taking advantage of the woman’s enticements.

The problem for all women, even those of us who are not hoodwinked by feminist propaganda, is that as our culture rots, more and more men are choosing not to restrain themselves. Where once, in the heyday of feminism, a woman could get away with such behavior, times have changed. A word to the wise should be sufficient.

We women must understand that our culture is severely polluted by progressive notions of the nature of males and females. Destructive feminism, homosexual activism, transgenderism and all the attendant corruption that comes with these malevolent movements have dealt a severe blow to women and womanhood in this country (manhood, as well).

It is up to us to reclaim that position of “tamers of men” (and it starts with taming boys, as mothers). This posture has been expected of us throughout the ages, and God certainly expects it of us today.

I don’t care one iota who disagrees with my stance (write your own article if you must). I speak out as a woman who is seriously fed up with women being cast as victims because we are women.

We have survived the universe of men since the beginning of time. We live and work with them while being keenly aware of our complementary differences.

They act according to their natures and we tame them according to ours. That is our strength as females and some of us will never allow that strength to be polluted by the scourge that is modern day sexual progressivism.


Thank you for this excellent advice


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