Isn’t this strange:

Conspiracy begets conspiracy – Mueller was assigned to this job by DOJ Rosenstein – who was a democrat and stacked Mueller’s team with democrat lawyers who already at that point were in collusion with Mueller and the Clinton/Obama/Democrats. Rosenstein signed off on one of the FISA court’s invasion of our privacy under the dossier which was a fake document.

The moral to the story – that Mueller wants to prove that Russia messed with the 2016 U.S. election to help Trump.

On the other side of the coin you have other investigations going on.

Every day the investigators are talking about the Democrats and Hillary Clinton with her foreign gestapo and what Nunes and Schiff, House real investigators, are bringing to the fore front; but, Mueller is not interested in the real truthful information

If that is the case – he must not want to find the real stuff but is trying to find an impeachable digit on Trump. His target is Trump and to hell with the real crimes which were committed.

All of the information he now wants:

Mueller wants documents from Trump, campaign associates

Mueller’s investigation only brings to the front of the class – how dastardly corrupt these politicians are and Mueller are at the top of the heap.

After watching the Clinton finale about “SCANDALOUS” only made me realize how inept the Senate really is. When Trent Lott stated, after the House voted to impeach Bill Clinton and it went to the Senate for the final vote made me realize how inept the Senate really is – that Lott, even with a member of the Supreme Court, William Rehnquist,actually was in charge – Lott didn’t know how to proceed with the trial so that they could come to some consensus.

What was so pathetic were the comments of the whole Senate members – they did not want to handle this “hot potato” which was part of their job. The Supreme Court should handle this because with the Senate handling this they are actually investigating themselves (government) and party division came into play and therefore Clinton was acquitted after lying and committing obstruction of justice.

Stupid statements by Lott and other members of the Senate stating – “that they really didn’t know how to handle the trial.” What – where are the procedure manuals for all Senators in order to be consistent in handling different situations in that job? Every job has a procedures manual to know what and how to perform the job.

In the end what the Senators did in the Clinton trial was “they flew by the seat of their britches.” Which should have never happened. They all looked like a bunch of wet noodles and still are today – it is all political for the party not what is best for the country.

Lott stated that they did not want any live witnesses since they had all of the depositions for the witnesses. Which was true. But, my question is – why is the Senate holding the trial? Why doesn’t the Supreme Court hold the final hearing on an impeachment since they are suppose to follow the Constitution and not make up law like the Senate did in this. Why didn’t the Senate want to do its job.

It was very evident that neither side wanted to do their job. It was evident that the politicians have rules for themselves that are different then the “man/woman on the street.”

And all of the “under darkness” that went on during Clinton’s trial in the Senate. The House did it’s job; but, the Senate failed the American people.

And the same thing is happening with Mueller – he is a Democrat politician working for the One World Order gang and be dang with the Constitution and the truth.

Call your Congressmen and Senator and tell them we have had enough of this Mueller hokey pokey. He is trying to over turn the will of the people.


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