KOMMONSENTSJANE – Mike Huckabee forced to resign from Country Music Association foundation because of NRA membership. Fellowship of the Minds.

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Google wiped out my first try on this and interfered:

It is so sad that Jason Owen feels threatened by Governor Huckabee’s being a member of the CMA Board. He stated that it was because he was a member of the NRA. Since when do country western singers not like guns.

Calling Huckabee’s appointment a “grossly offensive decision,” Jason Owen, the homosexual co-president of Monument Records and owner at Sandbox Entertainment, threatened in an email to CMA’s CEO Sarah Trahern and CMA Foundation executive Tiffany Kerns that neither Owen’s companies nor anyone they represent would continue to support the CMA Foundation.

What is it that Owen is afraid of – the fact that Huckabee believes in the ten commandments? It would be a good thing if Huckabee were on the Board. He definitely would bring a different point of view. Is Owen afraid of being tainted with the living virtues; whereby, he can survive in his lies or thrive in trust which would give him the fullness of life.

I surely didn’t know that the CMA’s were owned by the homosexual community.

Don’t homosexuals believe in diversity?

I don’t believe the public knew that the country western music had been hijacked by just one group of people. How did this happen?

I thought something was different about the CMA’s recently and now I know. Please correct me if the CMA’s have not been hijacked by Owen’s group?

Cause,what they call country western music today – IS NOT COUNTRY WESTERN MUSIC – it is called – ROCK A BILLY or POP COUNTRY.

It is a small world after all with small people and one called JASON OWEN.


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