KOMMONSENTSJANE – Sure, I’ll Say It: ‘Liberals Don’t Want to Stop School Shootings’.

It looks like all of the shooters are DEMOCRATS – are they being programmed to cause this mayhem so the Democrat politicians can go after our SECOND AMENDMENT?  It sure looks like it.  Maybe the Democrats need to start self-policing themselves since it is democrats and their relatives who are the shooters.

And why are the democrats wanting to keep schools as “gun free zones?”  Because that is where they send these nuts to do their dirty work so they can try again to “take away” our second amendment.  How many years have they been doing this?

If the democrats want to keep “gun free zones,” lets let them do it on their home territory – where only democrats reside?  Then I bet you two to one you won’t have any shootings.

Now why would the liberals want to take away our guns – since we use them to protect ourselves and our families.  It is plain and simple – they can easily take over the country like they have in Chicago, IL.  Are the Dem’s violating the civil rights of the people in Chicago since they are prohibited from having guns to protect themselves?  Why haven’t any of those citizens filed a law suit for violating their civil rights?  If I lived there I would sue their a$$.  It is not right.


“Many in legacy media love mass shootings. You guys love it. I’m not saying you guys love the tragedy, but I am saying you love the ratings. Crying white mothers are ratings gold.” – Dana Loesch

Know who else acts as if they love school shootings? Liberals. The liberals you see on TV. The liberals you read on Twitter. The liberals writing columns. What else can you think after watching the way liberals behave after mass shootings with large body counts? It’s the same thing every time.

A terrible tragedy happens. Some nut job/terrorist/angry dirt bag shoots a lot of people. Before the blood is even dry on the ground, liberals take to social media to claim the killer is a conservative and demand new gun laws.

If you suggest that perhaps we should wait to find out what happened before we start bringing politics into this, they ignore it. If you suggest that we pray for the victims, they viciously criticize that idea and mock Christians in general. When you ask which gun laws would put a stop to mass murders, they have no answer.

Then they scream that the NRA is full of murderers. Of course, the killer never turns out to actually be an NRA member. Furthermore, the NRA never advocates for anything other than the rights of law-abiding citizens. As a matter of fact, when a shooter killed people in a Texas church in November of last year, it was an NRA member who stopped him.


Let’s ask all Democrats who have guns – they can freely turn them in since they don’t like guns.  No Democrat politician/Hollyweed star can have a gun or an armed guard to protect them since they don’t like guns.

Good idea?


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Enjoys sports and all kinds of music, especially dance music. Playing the keyboard and piano are favorites. Family and friends are very important.
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