Male Privilege is a Myth

Let’s tally the privileges of the American male, shall we? Men have the privilege of dying for their country. Sure, anyone can volunteer for service, but there is still no female draft. Men have the systemic privilege of dying in the workplace as well. You know the statistics: men are five times as likely to die on the job as women. Here’s one you probably didn’t know — men are more likely to be the victim of a violent crime than women. That’s true across the board. Men also get to carry the torch of suicide by being four times as likely to die by their own hand. At least all of this comes with increased pay and power, right?

Hardly. Men are less likely to get custody of their own kids in a divorce, regardless of how fit a parent they are. As for reproductive rights, those all belong to women. A man who is drugged, date raped and conceives a child has no legally protected right to raise that child. His rapist, however, does. There is no conversation for providing funding for male contraception, but many insurance companies are under fire for daring to consider birth control an elective drug. We could go in circles for hours on the topic, but you already know that legally and systemically, women have more rights than men.

While this video covers those topics, it does something more important. It shows the true hollow nature of the progressive agenda. It guts their arguments and puts their impotence and irrationality on full display. Watch this video. See the modern college campus, at TCU no less, and how it deals with pure, irrefutable facts.


The Democrats and Obama dark government and his muslim religion are trying to take over the country by weakening the fabric of our country.  Obama during his time in office removed Christianity from our every day life and our military and tried to take our guns away – but failed.

Now with the shootings which are occurring in our “gun free zones” with all of the shooters being DEMOCRATS, you have collusion within the FBI and the DOJ -failing to protect us.  We must not allow these Dem’s to succeed in watering down the second amendment.


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