Sessions should have never been given the AG job – he continues to work like they do in the government – slow walking the investigations.

It was interesting to listen to AG Jeff Sessions talk about the FISA document which was presented to the FISA COURT and was used to unmask Americans and the reason given behind the unmasking was the dossier which was a fake document.  All of this was being conducted by the FBI and the DOJ.  Sessions said “he would look into it” and would have a person in the DOJ check it out.   Why would you let the DOJ or the FBI investigate themselves, especially Rosenstein who is the fox in the hen house.

From the way I see it – we have too many investigators but not enough investigators who can do anything but talk about what has happened and no  one has the power to take the next step.

So is Sessions “Scar” in the Lion King movie – plotting for the next move.


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