KOMMONSENTSJANE – VIDEO MB Obama’s USMC Grounded, Can’t Respond – Citadel Mulls Muslim ‘Hijab’ Uniform Exception. Reclaim Our Republic.

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If the glove doesn’t fit, you must acquit.

Citadel mulls muslim hijab uniform exception – have these people lost their mind – someone needs to be FIRED.  This is treason!

We all know that Obama was constantly readjusting the country to fit Islam.

Throwing out the baby with the bath water is wrong. Why would you change the rules of the military to fit ONE person. It is time to put some spine into these spineless academia and politicians. If she wants to be a part of the group – she is the one who needs to adjust her corset not the whole organization. I guess the next thing these future leaders will wear lace on their under drawers.

Obama tried to kidnap America and turn it into Islam – one person committed this crime of treason against the Constitution – OBAMA –  and we are still spinning our wheels with this Islam trash.  Obama ain’t in the picture – it is time to readjust to America not Islam. Shame on these leaders who adjusted to the traitor Obama and who helped him to commit treason against America to begin with.

America comes first – not one person who wants to attend the Citadel, who is trying to exploit the country – all she doing is testing the waters.

We need to bring back all of those GENERALS who Obama fired and fire all of these muslim-thinking generals who agreed with Obama or we will have the Navy military soldiers who were under Obama apologizing to Iran again when they surrendered.  How disgusting and embarrassing.

That was Obama’s game plan – trying to make America look weak.


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