How could they – they killed one baby every 98 seconds  – that equaled to 321,384 defenseless babies last year!  And on top of that – they sold aborted babies’ body parts to the highest bidder.

This is murder  – if the mother was in jeopardy that is one thing – but if the baby was killed because it was an inconvenience since  that mother did not take her “pill” and she got pregnant – that is murder in the first degree.

We have to sort out this abortion thing once and for all.


Today is a massive Supreme Court deadline for life. It’s vital we act.

Planned Parenthood aborted 321,384 defenseless babies last year – one baby every 98 seconds. It took over half a billion of your tax dollars. It sold aborted babies’ body parts. It calls abortion a “sacred” “blessing.” Now it’s under investigation, and it’s CEO resigned. It’s in severe trouble.

The tide is turning. We have a critical opportunity to defeat Big Abortion at the Supreme Court.

Right now we’re involved in two of the biggest pro-life Supreme Court cases in decades. The first could save countless lives, and a major oral argument is scheduled for next month.

The second case could have a devastating impact on the abortion industry. In fact, Big Abortion is taking our legal action so seriously, they’ve asked the Supreme Court for more time. The new Supreme Court deadline is TODAY.

But without YOU, we could lose to Big Abortion.

Each of our monumental Supreme Court cases against taxpayer-funded Big Abortion is causing a major drain on our resources. We desperately need your Tax-Deductible support before today’s Supreme Court Deadline.

Chip in $5 or More to Save Babies by Supreme Court’s Deadline.

If anyone can help out – go to Jay’s website.


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