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All Republicans HAVE to vote;  but, the important questions is – HOW CAN WE KEEP THE DEMOCRATS FROM CHEATING?


In every election they cheat and compromise the whole election. We have to have a photo ID with finger print to keep these people honest.

We must remember, if we lose any seats to the Democrat Communists/Muslims our country will be in trouble.


Reclaim Our Republic

Trump on 2018 Elections: Republicans Must Not Be ‘Complacent’

Feb 23, 2018 BY: Cameron Cawthorne

President Donald Trump said Friday that Republicans must not be “complacent” going into the 2018 midterm elections because if they are, then Democrats will perform well and subsequently repeal tax cuts and the Second Amendment.

Trump emphasized the importance of Republican voters staying active and being enthusiastic about the upcoming elections in November while addressing the Conservative Political Action Conference in National Harbor, Maryland. He spoke on CPAC’s second day for over an hour and discussed multiple issues, including tax reform, the Second Amendment, and the 2018 elections.

Trump argued that parties that win the presidency often lose the next midterm elections because they get complacent.

“So people [Republicans] are sitting there and they’re saying, ‘We just had that great victory. Let’s not vote; let’s go to a movie. The Republican Party, we’re going to do great.’ And…

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