Rumor has it that Mexico emptied out its prisons to send those people that Obama and Mexico had agreed to send to the U.S.  It looks like that is true with what the ICE agents are reporting.

Report by ICE Agents: 90% of Illegals Arrested by U..S. Have Criminal History

The amount of lies that liberals will tell about Obama’s so-called DREAMers is astonishing. Obama’s Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals program was passed by an Obama executive order, not by an Act of Congress. It was unilaterally declared by “King Obama” and later declared unconstitutional by a judge.

The DACA program allowed millions of illegal aliens from more than 100 countries to sign up and be shielded from deportation. All they had to do was lie and say they were brought here as children, and the Obama administration did nothing to check their stories.

Liberals want us all to believe that every single DREAMer illegal alien is a saintly, hard-working person who embodies all of our American values. They want you to believe that President Trump is snatching little illegal alien children off the streets and throwing them in Guantanamo, or that the deportations are otherwise unjustified. Just ignore the news reports from conservative outlets which show DREAMers getting arrested for drunk driving fatalities, human trafficking, murder, robbery, rape and every other felony under the sun.

The truth about the DREAMers is much darker and scarier for the future of our country. It’s like President Trump says — what about the dreams of our own children?

Check out the video from The Western Journal below to learn the shocking statistic about deportations and illegals that the left does not want you to see.

Why are we taking Mexico’s criminals and bringing them to the U.S.?

Send them back.



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