Obama STILL Wants Your Guns

Source: TTN by: Donny Bomenabori

Google is in the tank for Obama and is interfering with my blog.


B. Obama can’t leave well enough alone. He spent both terms of his failed presidency gunning for your second amendment rights, through legislation and through activist judges, only to continue his efforts after his reign of error has ended. He tweeted, hoping to further stoke the anti-gun sentiment that Americans rejected in 2016.

Barack Obama is celebrating the creepy elevation of David Hogg as some sort of de-facto leader of the Parkland shooting survivors by the media when he happens to be the most liberal and outspoken. He’s jazzed that Hogg is serving as the left’s mouthpiece, calling law-abiding gun-owners associated with the National Rifle Association “child murderers”.

Obama has made a career out of rabble-rousing, becoming America’s first “community organizer in chief”. He can’t stand that the voters thoroughly rejected his warped vision of America when they elected President Trump, instead of Crooked Hillary, who would’ve finished what he started. Somebody should tell Obama not to go away mad, but just to go away.



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