KOMMONSENTSJANE – Broward Coward, Armed County Sheriff Cowered Outside Building, Refused to Confront Parkland School Shooter…Reclaim Our Republic.

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Febuary 24, 2018

We find out – today – that four more deputies were outside the school and did not go in to save those children.  This is despicable.  We also find out the School Board is at fault because they did not want to spend the money for additional security and training for this type of crime since schools are a “free gun zone.”

This could have been prevented.


February 23, 2018

What was his reason for not helping the children? Especially, after hearing the shots and knowing children are being killed.

How could he stand there and DO NOTHING?  That was his job – to protect the children.  He should be charged with dereliction of duty.

Was he part of a conspiracy?  Look at Vegas – we still have no idea what happened.

And, to think these Democrats want to take our guns away like they have in Chicago, IL, and look at all of those people who are killed every day of the week.

Also, the errorist, Obama, is chiming in egging the young people into thinking that taking the guns away from the people would help.  Young people have to realize schools should never be a “gun free zone” because the kids don’t have a chance.  Remember the gun free zone was passed by the womanizer, Bill Clinton.


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